Friday, October 1, 2010

$1 Can Change Your Life!

I know it did for us!  I joined up with Internet Ceo Moms and our partner company last April during a $1 enrollment promotion.  Now that I have been a member for 6 months, I KNOW that I would have joined for the regular membership fee of $29!  It has been one of the best investments I could have made for our family!  Not only am I able to shop for safer products for my family, I am able to bring home some extra income for us as well!  So where's the risk in spending $1 to join a GREAT company and earn some extra income, too?!  They have a fantastic customer referral compensation plan- so you don't even have to make it a business if you're not up for that!  But I know I have, and these days, every little bit helps!  This promotion lasts until October 20, so contact me TODAY to learn how to get started and shopping!!

We have just started Miles on the kid's vitamin supplements.  I have been reading up on the science behind our vitamin line and am learning all sorts of interesting things!  I am definitely not a chemistry person, but learning about how our bodies absorb vitamins and how much they help supplement our health has been so neat!  Email me if you'd like some more information on this!  I would love to share a video with you on the science behind our vitamins!

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  1. Hi Lindsey! Thanks for the follow at ...Ceo Moms rock! :) Have a fabulous October!!