Saturday, September 25, 2010

Impulse Shopper...

Oh I love thee...let me count the aisles...

I had one of these nights tonight...I just walked and walked and walked {sans kiddos}.  Our Target has a Starbucks right there in front...and while I'm not a coffee drinker, it has turned just cool enough that one did sound really yummy!  But I passed...because I was determined NOT to impulse buy tonight!

Of course I have done all of my household shopping this month already through our partner company, so my shopping tonight was just for a baby gift...but somehow I walked out of there with more than was on my list!  (And, of course, I forgot the toilet paper!)


That was the first time I have done that in a LONG time!  My days of shopping for detergent, cleaners, vitamins, etc, are over!  Worrying if the store brand is as good as the name brand, clipping coupons for such items, wondering if the "safer" products really are safer...all over!!  Thus, my IMPULSE buying days are over (for the most part-- I mean, I am a woman!)  I can't tell you the number of times I walked into ___(insert store name)___ to get just a few items and that trip would turn into a ---basket-full, how many plastic bags can I fill, way more money than I meant to spend--- trip!  And you just leave the store feeling so defeated and a little ashamed because you know you're going to have to explain the trip to the hubster!!  UGH!

This month, I bought what I needed AND was able to use one of my many perks to receive a few extra items I had been wanting to try out-- for FREE!  YAY!

Oh, and my pantry floors are no longer filled with all the plastic bags from the store that I always had good intentions of taking back to the store to recycle!  Just a few grocery store bags from going to the store for weekly groceries!  I really do need to start using those reusable bags, though!  I have some...that will be my next thing to work on...maybe a post about that in the near future!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...from another team member's site...

As I was wandering around the internet tonight, doing my procrastinating by "blog stalking", I came across this team member's site and really enjoyed reading this--- you can read it here.


Monday, September 20, 2010

My Support Team

How much fun is it to work at something alone?!  I mean, I know there are some things that are more well-suited to working alone, but when it comes to work- I'd much rather be a part of a TEAM!

When I was working full-time in the school system, I always collaborated with the teachers on my hall.  Then when I went to part-time as an Intervention Coach, I wasn't effectively working with the students if I didn't check with their classroom teacher to see what they needed help with!  Even now, as a homeschooling tutor/teacher, I work with a friend- and it is so true- two heads are better than one!  We can bounce ideas off of one another, support and encourage each other--- you get the picture!

I think that one of the things that drew me to working with Internet CEO Moms is that I wouldn't be working alone!  My mentor Kristie approached me with this opportunity from the position of building a business together!!  And that's what she's done- she is a great helper and is always there when I need her to answer questions!  And we don't even live in the same state!  In fact, her mentor Bonnie lives on the other side of the country from us!  And I have been on the phone with even her at times!  I know that when I need something- there will always be someone there to answer my questions or encourage me!  Here are their real-life photos if you don't believe me!!  (Bonnie, Kristie, Jeannie)

There are weekly team calls, website support, a wealth of information in our team room, not to mention our great  company that we're partnered with and all of their support.  I have never had any problems with customer service or any customers with issues that weren't resolved quickly as well!  

So that being said- if you're looking to start a home business- make sure you research the team you'll be working with and what type of support and training they offer you!  If any of this blogpost has gotten your curiosity up about my team- take a minute to check out my official Internet CEO Moms website!

I hope you find what you're looking for!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moms Helping Moms!

I came across this website of member of some Internet CEO Moms- the home business I am a member of (aside from my membership to the wellness company). It has some great testimonials of moms just like me who wanted to be able to be home with their families! Hope you enjoy reading these! If it inspires you to take that next step in making your dreams of being a SAHM, or even a working mom with some extra income on the side, let me know and I'll be glad to help you get your business started!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Extra Cash, What?!

When you are a member (which is just a one-time membership fee of $29), and you refer another member, you get a "thank you" check each month when your referral makes their monthly purchase! What a deal! It may start off small, but just think, if you make a few referrals in a month's time, that check could get bigger and bigger each month! And there are always new incentives to enroll more folks! Where's the risk in that?! You don't have to take any orders or deliver any products- just simply help your friends and families enroll in a company that makes green, safer products for your home and family!

Want to get started today?! Contact me at lgd625AThotmailDOTcom

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Who doesn't L.O.V.E. the smell of a clean baby?! I know it ranks right up there with the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for me! Our product offers that same great smell as store brands- just without all the yucky stuff that really is harmful to our precious little one's skin and forming bodies!

I don't want to be labeled as a conspiracy theorist, but have you read up on what is actually in baby products? Good rule of thumb-- if you can't pronounce it, then do you really want to put it on your baby? Or yourself for that matter?!

Our line carries body wash, shampoo, toothpaste (training for newbies and regular for experienced brushers), floss, that cool foamy handwash, and vitamins all specially created for the kiddos of moms and dads who are concerned about what all is going into and onto their bodies!

Just food for thought tonight!

Contact me for more info on how to get a hold of these for YOUR kids!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tea Tree Oil

found this on a fellow Internet CEO Mom's blog! Enjoy!

Tea tree oil has been around for well over 5000 years. The real name for the oil is called Melaleuca Alterfornia and it is a tree that grows in New South Wales, Australia. When the Aborigine's lived in Australia, they used to brew the leaves and drink it for certain ailments, hence the name Tea tree oil. In 1922 a researcher from the Australian goverment named Dr. A.R. Penfold did an extensive study on Melaleuca oil and to his surprise discovered that the oil had many healing properties. Dr. Penfold found that it was a very powerful antiseptic. It healed cuts, abrasions, skin conditions, burns, and insect bites. By WWII, every Australian soldier had a bottle of Melaleuca oil in their first aid kit. It was known as "the medicine kit in a bottle."
After WWII, many people switched from natural remedies to prescribed drugs as this industry really started to grow rapidly. Melaleuca oil was introduced in 1980's to the U.S. and it's popularity is growing more and more. But be aware that some companies say their Tea tree oil is 100% pure and they're really not. I purchase 100% PURE...the finest Tea tree oil in the country!

So what does Melaleuca oil do?

It is a natural antiseptic, it heals, it penetrates below the skin surface to soothe and heal. It has a great smell!
It is used it for...psoriasis, dry skin, hair, showering, cleaning my house, doing laundry, preventing infections, disinfecting...etc. I use it on everything. I actually buy my everyday products from a great store that has the Tea tree oil mixed in already. But I do keep my trusty concentrated Melaleuca oil on hand at all times. Finally, products that really work without poisoning my family with harmful chemicals. Wow!!! I'm sooooo blessed to have found you!