Monday, October 11, 2010

Are your "green" products really green?

There is such a movement nowadays for green and organic products.  And while it's a great start to living healthier lives- is it really green?  Companies aren't required to put all ingredients on their labels- chemicals that are less than 1% usually aren't on there.  And those are the harmful ones.  Now- most of them aren't that bad in such small doses- but think about how often you use those products.  If it's one of your "staples" you might want to be more selective!  If you want to learn more about products made of formulas powered by natural and naturally derived solvents instead of caustic chemicals, and trigger sprayers (instead of aerosols) designed to reduce the chances of inhalation, contact me and I'll be more than happy to share how you can get these fantastic products in your home!  I don't sell them or deliver- I just set up customer memberships so you can have the same access to them as I do- plus all the great benefits of membership! 

And what better time than now?!  You can join for just $1, order your products, and see for yourself!

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