Monday, August 30, 2010

{frugal mama}

Well, our conversion to all green household products is just about complete! I was bathing the other day and looked around the shower to realize that we have all family- and earth-friendly products in there! Shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream (for me and J), body wash, foot scrub, kids soap, bar soap---I am a firm believer in using every last drop before throwing away- so this was a great accomplishment for us! HA! The rest of our home is getting there- still have a bottle of cleaner and floor cleaner for my wood floors- but I am already stocked up on their replacement! Call me crazy---or cheap----or rather- {FRUGAL}.

Which brings me to my next point...if I am so {frugal} then you know this conversion is definitely worth the money I am spending on these products rather than using the coupon system and going to Wal-Mart (just one example). That way can definitely save some major money and I have friends who are excellent at it- but this has definitely made me feel as though I am doing something GREAT for my family's health. I already know each month I am going to spend a certain amount with my wellness company, so I am more apt to try new things out- things I may not normally get at Wal-Mart or Target. For example- I am not a big make-up person. It is rare that I complete my makeup routine on any given day. My eyes are highly sensitive to make-up (even the more costly store brands) and ever since I got married I haven't been able to convince myself that going to the department store to spend the money on make-up is worth it (again...{frugal} that's a stretch- we'll go with {cheap} on that one.) But this past month in my order, I needed a few more points to add to my shopping cart- so I figured- why not! I have worn eye shadow AND mascara the past few days and my eyes have been just fine! I already have another shade picked out and in my shopping cart for my September order!

So from one {frugal} mama to another--- let me help you switch your home over to safer products that can help lead your family to a healthier lifestyle! After all- one good decision leads to another! (taken from the Nutri-Grain bars commercial- ha!)