The Business

Need some extra income?  
Have some outstanding bills or debt?  
Want more time at home?

I have been a member of Internet CEO Moms since April '10 and have loved being  a part of a team of moms from all across North America!  Knowing that I'm in the company of moms who want the best for their families, but still have everyday struggles just like me, is so reassuring that I'm headed in the right direction!

We are partnered with a 25 year old green company that is debt free and is serious about helping families achieve safe homes and, if you so choose, a lifestyle focused around being debt free!  I do not sell their products, I simply help set up customer accounts and assist new customers with placing their orders each month if they wish!  Who would have thought that just by becoming a member, I'd be able to earn extra income as well as about 1000 other perks?!  This company has designed a compensation plan for customer referrals!  And the great thing is- there is NO pressure to do so!  Simply just rewards and incentives to do so!  There are no parties, no inventory--- NO RISK!  Just simply switching stores and using products that are better for me, my hubby, and my kids!  Let me know how I can help YOU switch stores and build a business for yourself!  

I have joined a team of moms just like me through Internet CEO Moms.  A teacher friend of mine helped me out- so I'd love to help you out!  

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