Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Shopping and Giveaways

What all are you shopping for this year?  Are you all about the deals?  Here's a list of some of the cool deals/blogs/giveaways I've come across....

Shutterfly- giveaway 50 free cards if you blog about them (check out my other blog)
How Does She, Love Stitched- Silhouette giveaways--- have you seen these machines?!  Go HERE to see them.  Makes me crafty just thinking about it!
*and here's another list of all the places giving these away...HERE at The Idea Room.
Canvas People - I just uploaded one of our Christmas pictures to the Canvas People and can't WAIT to get it!  Best of all--- I only paid shipping ($14.95) for an 8x10 canvas- full price they are $50 bucks!  I found this HERE .  (and now...after looking around I found the "free shipping " code!  ugh!  At least I got the canvas for free, huh?!)
Also, if you're in the Memphis area...check this out.

Okay--- that's all I have right you have any good deals or giveaways you want to let us all in on?!


If you're a member of the greatest GREEN company out there--- don't forget one of your membership benefits---


It's a great place to go today for all of your holiday shopping- from the convenience of home-- not out with all the other crazies!  {sorry if you're one of those--- my husband is too--- but he did finish up shopping for all the men in our life today while out!}  But I am having the luxury of shopping in my pj's while little one is napping, and getting so many of those same deals online!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Those Darn Fitted Sheets!

Okay-- so not too many things around the house can get me aggravated (besides the fact that no matter how many times the dishes get done, there always seems to be more to do!) but those darn fitted sheets used to always give me a fit!  Most times they ended up wadded into a big ball (because we have a king size bed) and thrown into the top of the linen closet until needed.  Now I'm not one who irons my sheets, but I did hate it when I would pull out said sheet and it would be terribly wrinkled!  So my dear aunt one day showed me and my mom her trick.  Maybe you know it already- but for the rest of you fitted-sheet-haters- don't be scared-- you show that fitted sheet who the domestic queen of your house is!! 

*Note- I used a crib sheet because it was the easiest thing to take pictures of*

the crumpled fitted sheet

Okay- turn one side inside out...

fold in half....

tuck it into itself.  then turn one corner out and....

tuck it into the other corner.

now you have a rectangle of sorts.  all of your fitted sides should be tucked into each other in one corner.

smooth out and fold up!  there you have it folks!  a nice fitted sheet, folded correctly!
So- hope that helped and wasn't too confusing!  First time taking pictures of a process like that!  Maybe next time I'll go into picnic and do some cool pics with instructions and arrows and all that cool stuff!

Now--- go fold some sheets! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Do You Do It?!


How do you do it??  I can't ever seem to find the time or energy or "get up and go" to get out and get going!  I have tried to convince my dear hubby that we need an elliptical or treadmill, but he has repeatedly told me it would be a waste of space and eventually turn into another place to hang clothes! I mean, he could be right- but seriously- I can't leave the house during naptime, by night time when hubby is home I am just plain pooped, and I would have to get up before the rooster crows to do it in the mornings!  I guess I like my sleep too much??  (Of course if I were more disciplined, I'd be in bed before 10 and might could handle it.) 

I would like to convince myself that my everyday activities are enough- carrying a hefty 8+ month old around (which is really just making my hips out of whack), running up and down the stairs, and just the everyday hustle and bustle.  But I know that if I were to go outside right now and run to the end of the street and back- I.might.just.die.  I mean let's face it- none of us are as young as we were ten years ago!  I mean, for Pete's sake- I'm finding gray hairs in my always-turning-darker-no-longer-blonde hair!! 

So my question is this- how do you do it?  When do you find the time?  Are you consistent with it?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!!