Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did You Take Your Vitamins This Morning?!

Most of us didn't...

But did you know that our body doesn't produce the vitamins and minerals we need?  Did you eat your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables yesterday?  I know for me, life gets in the way- I ate lunch on the run yesterday-- and I was at home all day!  Getting enough nutrition isn't just good for our health- but it can really make a difference in how we FEEL!  So I'm putting a challenge out there for you-- take your vitamins and see how you feel after a week...after a month...after a couple months!  Especially with the holiday season coming up, we'll all need that extra dose of energy!  Fast food isn't designed to give us all the nutrition we need...but I know I'm just as guilty as anyone else at making that stop through the "eat more chicken" line and getting that fabulous glass of sweet tea or coke!  It's just too convenient!  So let's make a pact together- vitamins and more water...anyone with me?!

Check out some facts on getting the most out of your vitamins here.

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