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My Reasons "Why"

What are your top five reasons for doing what you do?  This can apply to anything in life, but I will give you my top five for choosing to work with and continue to grow with Internet CEO Moms!

1.)  Support.  We have weekly training where our leadership team trains us on topics relevant to each of our businesses:  internet marketing, bulding your contact list, creating a vision for your business, and (my favorite training) was on the difference in our company and MLM companies.  I have a list of at least 5 business partners I know I can contact at any point during the day who are willing to help me out- no matter how big or small!  They want me to succeed- and not just for their own success, but because they care!  Can't you always tell the difference in a person who is simply doing things out of selfish ambition and the ones who are genuine?!

2.)  Working from Home.  As I was growing up, my mom was always at home with my brother and me.  Once I had kids of my own, it was no question in my mind that I would be at home with them as well.  I have my degree in elementary education and I love teaching!  But at this point in my life, I love being at home with my kids more! The reality of being at home hit us that first fall that I was no longer teaching full time!  I was fortunate enough to get a part-time job at the same school I had been working at, and it was a great opportunity!  But I still wasn't home full-time like I desired to be!  Well, with education budget cuts and all the craziness revolving around education, my job was deleted.  Luckily, I had already found Internet CEO Moms, and my potential to grow with this team of moms was endless!  I do still teach part-time with a homeschool group, but even that allows me more time at home and the freedom to grow my Internet CEO Moms business while I am at home with my precious boys!

3.)  Family.  Like I said in #2, family is why I want to be at home!  But even beyond that- Internet CEO Moms is something that my husband is proud of and very supportive of!  I did try another home business before, and while I did earn decent money for my time away from my husband (this was before our kiddos were around), if I really wanted to succeed, I was going to have to spend at least 2 nights away from home doing home parties.  There are some who welcome that break- but for me and my family, our nights that we are all home are sacred! (Plus, I quickly ran out of my customer base.  With Internet CEO Moms, because I use the internet, my contact list is always growing- on top of just the people I personally know!)  Some of my best contacts and ideas for contacts come through my hubby!  He loves the products we use in our home just as much as I do- and he is all in!  There wasn't much he could do to support me in my previous business attempt, other than wait up for me when I got home from my parties.  When I recently had an in-home presentation, it was at our house, my potential customers brought their own families, and my husband was there to help where needed!

4.)  Internet Training.  I have learned so much about marketing my business on the internet!  Now, I've been blogging for a while, but I have found so much information through my training with Internet CEO Moms.  Social networking is HUGE and has been such a great source of contacts for my business.  But not only have I learned how to market my business, but the best thing- I haven't put in loads of money into advertising!  I have decided that I am not going to put anymore than about 10-15% of my check into advertising.  (Because let's face it- the money I am bringing in is money that we NEED!)  So our internet training is one of the most enhancing parts of our business!

5.)  Compensation and Bonuses.  Let's face it--- the biggest reason I even considered working a home business was because we needed some extra income!  We have been married for about 6 years, have 2 young children, hubby has a good job, but with my desire to be at home, we need extra income!  There is no time-pressure, but there are great bonuses for those who work the business in a certain amount of time.  If you would like more information about our compensation plan, let me know!    

So, I would encourage you to sit down and think about the things you are doing in your life.  Create a list of 5 reasons that explain why you're doing what you're doing!   I'm telling you- this activity has been a GREAT exercise for me and discovering my "why"!

A Great Article...

This is a great article by founder of Internet CEO Moms- Donna Stewart.  Hope you enjoy! 

The Detriment of Front End Loading with a Home Business


Donna Lessard Stewart
Here are 5 questions to ask to help with understanding the detriment of Front End Loading.

  1. Does the company require a large investment of product to start? Large, meaning $500   or more to get started.
  2. What kind of commission do you earn when you get someone to start with a large order of product?
  3. Are the majority of commissions earned on the initial purchase of a new member?
  4. Can you buy your status? Meaning can you purchase a certain amount of product to 'Get to' or 'Maintain' your status with wth business?
  5. Are you advised that you can recoup your money from your big product purchase by retail selling?
I know, I know. Some of you reading this may be saying, 'What\'s wrong with any of those statements?'

I say, 'A lot!'

Now, stay with me here for just a moment.

So many companies make most of their revenue on 'Front End Loading'. Sad but true.

What is Front End Loading? Basically it means the majority of product(s) sold are to the 'Distributers', not the end consumer. The company makes the majority of their profits from new distributers buying a lot of product up front or to 'Get To' or 'Maintain' a status.

Even if the new distributer is unable to retail sell the products, the company still makes money because it has already been purchased by the distributer, not an end consumer.

Most companies that front end load their members, will give a nice commission to the distributer that gets someone to buy in with a big order. This creates a major promotion of the 'big buy in' when someone starts.

The distributer is excited about their new venture of starting their own home business, and eventually realizes that they are unable to retail sell the products and they are stuck with it. Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

Sure, most companies have a return policy, however, it is typically a short time frame. By the time the distributer figures out they are unable to retail sell it, the time frame to return the product(s) has lapsed.

When this happens, many distributers try to give the products away as a method to lure potential customers and business partners. They may get a few, and the entire sad cycle begins again.

The company earns their profits while the distributer does not.

Now, lets dive a little deeper.

Let\'s say you have achieved a status of … let\'s call it 'Queen Bee'.

As a 'Queen Bee' you are required to have $1000 dollars worth of product purchased (from you or your customers) in any given month. (This does NOT include your initial buy in.)

So, you\'ve joined and paid $500 to start and have products on hand. You need to go out and produce another $1000 worth of product purchases (sales) in a given month to be a 'Queen Bee'. And you do it!! YEAH!! You\'re a Queen Bee!!!

You earn XYZ amount of commissions, you\'re happy and on your way to achieve the next status of 'Ultimate Queen Bee!!'

To achieve 'Ultimate Queen Bee!!' you need $2000 worth of product purchases (sales) in a given month and one of your customers (business partners) needs to achieve, 'Queen Bee' and have at least $1000 worth of product purchases (sales) in her business for the month.

Now you have your sales in line for the month, however, your business partner is 'short' about $500. Hmmmm…what to do??? How do you get her to work so you can advance to 'Ultimate Queen Bee'?

Well, your business partner could call the company and purchase that $500 worth of product herself to get to status of 'Queen Bee', which means she could advance to 'Queen Bee' and YOU would also advance to 'Ultimate Queen Bee'!

Soooo, you pressure your business partner to either go out and have parties and make the sales or just buy the amount of products needed to reach the status and ‘hopefully\' sell them next month.

Do you know what happens down the road?

You have a lot of people getting to and maintaining 'Queen Bee' by personally buying the amount of products required. (In hopes of retail selling)

You have a lot of people getting their business partner to buy products to maintain their status.

Hardly any, if any product is getting sold to the end consumer.

People get stuck with products they don\'t need or use and are unable to retail sell it. They are unable to get their money back because the return policy time frame has lapsed.

Yet, the company continues to make money while many, dare I say most of it\'s members lose their money.

Be Careful Out There :)

To Your Success,

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