Monday, March 12, 2012

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty...

What makes you loyal to the brands you use in your house?  

Is it that it's what your mama and grandma used?  Is it what your hubby has been used to all his life, so you don't want to rock the boat?  Is it just because it's what you're used to buying?

Or do you buy what's on sale or what you have coupons for? 

Does packaging or display have anything to do with it?

Have you ever stopped to really take a look at what you're buying?  Read the labels, do your own research, check out the manufacturers? (I mean really check them out- not just trust what they advertise on TV)

OR you might be scared that if you stop to take a look at these things- you might see something you don't want to see or know!  Sometimes we would rather be ignorant so we don't have to think.

Take a few minutes to really look at your buggy the next time you're out shopping.  Pay attention to what you're exposing yourself and your family to- whether it's food or household products.  Yes- cheaper products help out the pocketbook now- but really how cheap are you getting off?  For example, cheaper body wash means you have to use more lotion, which means you'll run out of both a lot quicker, so you'll be back buying the same product within a couple weeks.  And so many detergents and cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals and water- how clean are countertops really?

You may say "Well I'm not brand loyal- I've become awfully budget-savvy and have learned the ropes on making my own supplies!"  While there are lots of GREAT home recipes and natural products to use, I have a team member who has done extensive research on homemade products such as laundry detergent- check out all she has to say about them:

What about you?  Do you consider yourself brand loyal or would you be willing to even just HEAR about another way to shop?!  It's a lot easier and can be budget friendly as well!  I'm telling ya- anything that keeps me from going to one more store without my 3 kids in tow has got my ear turned!  I can't even fit three kids in the big ole shopping cart, much less what I'm shopping for!  I love having the UPS guy deliver my Melaleuca box each month!

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