Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Bandwagon

No...I have not jumped on any bandwagons, but I have noticed on Facebook many who are!  So, for those of you considering jumping on a bandwagon in hopes of making some extra money- I want to offer you a few questions to ask of the company/people you're teaming up with!

1.)  Is there a large "buy-in" fee?  Meaning- do you have to buy a lot of product to get started?  If you're goal is to get out of debt by joining, make sure this doesn't bring you into more debt!  Not a good jump start!

2.)  Is there a support system in place, or will it be up to you to make your business happen?  Any new endeavor is always made more positive by having someone there to help show you the ropes!  Odds are that if your enroller just enrolls you and doesn't offer any training or support- then it will be up to you to to make it happen and that you're possibly a threat to their market!

3.)  Do you feel like you can ask questions like these:  ask your enroller how much they have made?  what is the customer retention rate (how many customers reorder each month)?  what is the average salary (no bonuses included) at each achievement level?

4.)  When you step away from the hype- is your enroller (or even their support system) knowledgeable about the products?  If it's consumable- what do they know about the products?  Can they direct you to legit information about the products.  If it's non-consumable (such as jewelry, candles, cookware, etc), what is the company's satisfaction policy?

I hope that if you're looking for an opportunity to make some extra money or even replace an income that you find what you're looking for!  Remember, that a company that promises money quickly- is probably going to go away quickly!  Building a legitimate home business takes time and consistent effort!

If you'd like more information about what I do to work from home, please let me know!  I can assure you that I would not be involved with a company or lead you to a company that I couldn't back up with 100% support!  If what I do isn't for you, maybe I can help lead you in the direction of something that you might enjoy!

Best of luck to you and your quest for...whatever it is!

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