Monday, May 9, 2011

Hernando Farmer's Market

How many of you LOVE Farmer's Markets???  

This is the first year that we have really been all about them and made our grocery list based off of what we can get there versus what we get at the store.  Hubs has really started changing his diet to consist of more organic and fresh foods, which is what we all really need to be eating anyway--- right?!  (Check out this website for more info on what Hubs is shooting for!)  And with our boys- I want them to grow up being healthy eaters!  My oldest could eat chocolate, cookies, and ice cream all day long if I let him!  The youngest will eat whatever you put in front of him- so I need to be so purposeful in what they eat!

I had the opportunity to take my Melaleuca business down to the first annual Earth Day Celebration in Hernando a couple weekends ago!  They were celebrating green living, of course, so I thought what better way to get my business out there!  If you were there and have visited my blog- I sincerely apologize for not having it better updated!  Feel free to email me for more information on becoming a preferred customer!  {lgd625(at)hotmail}

I'm hoping to set up a booth a few times this summer down there, so come check out what I have to offer in the line of safe eco-friendly products for your home!!  But of course, we plan on visiting weekly!  If you're in the DeSoto County area, check out Hernando's Farmer's Market and Cedar Hill Farms.

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