Saturday, July 31, 2010


Okay, to be honest- when I received my big ol' pack of new products a couple months ago and started trying them out- I was not sold on the shampoo and conditioner. BUT it was only because they sent me the hydrating shampoo! My hair does NOT need any extra hydration! Plus, living in the SOUTH in the SUMMER- who does?!? So with my loyalty dollars (bonus $ for buying products), I was able to get a different type- clarifying- and DEFINITELY love it! It makes my hair so soft- I don't even have to condition every day! More like once a week! Pleasant smell, good product- comparable to salon brands. Now- if only they had hair color...but I think no matter how you get around it- there are harsh and toxic chemicals in that stuff! Guess I'll leave that to my hair stylist!

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