Friday, July 23, 2010

My "Magic" Cleaner!

One of the best products I've started using is a multi-purpose cleaner- I mean it gets out anything and everything! It can be used at full strength or diluted. I also received a list of 100 things to do with it! It has everything from bug repellent to wall-paper removal to stain treatments- crayon, ink, oil! And remember- all of these products are free of caustic and harmful chemicals, so it smells great and can be used just about anywhere! Even when cleaning around pets and kids! I wish I had been thinking to grab my camera when we were painting upstairs-- some dark blue paint splattered onto our very light beige carpets! I got out a few drops of my "magic" cleaner and it got the paint out of the carpet! So no proof with pictures- but I was thinking a few days back when I went to clean my doors of the sweet little dirty handprints and scuff marks that get on the pantry doors particularly! These pictures don't really do it justice- so I'll have to post some more, but you can get a general idea!



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