Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Days In

We're seven days in to 2011!  Can you believe it?!  I know I sure can't! is your year going so far?  Mine so far has been a good reflection time.  Goals I have (and I'm not really a goal-oriented person), strides I want to make, things I want to accomplish.

Thankfully- I have already started living out two of my goals!

1.) Create a healthy lifestyle for my family.
The first way I am doing this through using safer products.  I know that by using products that are green I am not exposing my kiddos to all the harsh chemicals and dangerous substances that other brands offer.  And this isn't just through my cleaners!  I'm using safer laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, bath products, and even vitamins that are specially formulated to break down to be used more efficiently in the body!
Now--- I am working on being a better PLANNER for meals.  There are some weeks that I do GREAT!  Then there are some weeks (like this week-- that I don't do so great!)  {{real life moment...we were driving around last night desperately searching for a DECENT place to eat.  I hadn't planned a meal because I had friend's jewelry party to attend- and Thursdays are my "end of the week" day where I'm just worn out!  Luckily we found a meat and 3 place open and ate some yummy food!  Much better than fast food!}}  But my hubby and I have both agreed that despite how hectic our schedules can get- the better planned out we are- the healthier we eat (and the more money we save!)

2.)  Find a business that I can work from home with and truly succeed. 
Yay!  I'm so glad that I have found Internet CEO Moms.  Not only do we represent a great company whose products are necessities, but they have the greatest business plan out there for ANYONE who would like to have a home-based business!  This plan doesn't require any home parties, deliveries, or taking orders.  It does require working HARD to make it work for you!  Because let's face it- most "get rich quick" plans are schemes and you end up out less than you made.  And I personally don't have free weeknights to go into people's homes to do parties (although I do love 31 gifts and Premiere Jewelry and Pampered Chef--- it's just not practical for me).  Now I will tell you that while home parties are not required- it can all be done online- I love opening my home up and presenting these products and letting potential customers see first-hand how well these products work!!  In fact- feel free to email me to find out when I will be doing this, if you're interested!
And this doesn't have to be just for moms!  Say you AND your hubby want to get involved, or you know of someone who is at a dead end at their current job.  Send them my way and I'll be glad to share our business plan with them and how they can have their business up and going by month's end!  Remember- it isn't easy street- it's working hard, being disciplined, and setting goals (which is what I'm working on- right?!).

So make this YOUR year!!  
Start living your life---  don't let it live you!  

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